★ 4 Anti-Social iPhone Apps To Fight Your Mobile Addiction

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What’s the last thing you look at before going to sleep at night? What’s the first thing you see upon waking up? You’re constantly aware of where it is, you avoid eye contact by pulling it out to refresh Instagram, and you’re starting to feel phantom notification buzzes in your pocket.

Smartphone addiction is considered “normal” these days. We’re all dopamine junkies, and that magical ping of a new notification sends everyone’s favorite drug straight to the central nervous system.

Apps are great, mobile adds a ton to our lives – we wouldn’t give them up for the world. But if you’ve noticed the quality of your engagement with the world around you plummeting, and you’re ready to do something about it, here are four iPhone apps to help you fight your mobile addiction.

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23. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ If Facebook Started in Nigeria

Imagine Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook was a Nigerian, living in Nigeria. He’d have attended Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) where he’d have had the idea for Facebook (or Slumbook or whatever). Excited, he will develop a website and test it with a few of his roommates (and squatters). This is great! They will tell him. Emboldened by these comments, he will go on to expand the capabilities of the website to involve all the students of OAU. The popularity of the site will be so much that OAU’s archaic servers will shut down.
Enraged, the VC of OAU will call Mark and sharply reprimand him for ‘wasting precious time’ when he should have been studying. Then he will go on to recount how Great Ife (OAU) always produced First-Class students who could compete academically with their peers from all over the world (emphasis on academically). Mark will then be given a two-week suspension to cool his blood and serve as a lesson to other non-conforming students.

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18. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ Nomophobia: The Age Of Smartphone Addiction

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Zuckerberg said it all at this year’s Mobile World Congress: “Mobile is me. Mobile is everyone. Mobile is everything.” Mobile devices have revolutionized the entire world, drastically changing the way we relate to our environment and ourselves.

Smartphone fever

Since the arrival of smartphone fever somewhere around 2010, the use of mobiles has merged so completely with our daily routine that our phones are an extension of our very arms. We can’t live without them. They must be in our hands every minute, of every day.

Studies show that the average user checks their phone 150 times daily on it, numbers that seem unreal until we begin to calculate our own.


Although initially we might assume that mobile addiction is exclusively true for the young’uns, reality tells us otherwise. Users between 35-54 years old aren’t immune from this affliction. Neither is there much difference between the genders, though studies show that women are somewhat more prone to smartphone addiction.

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18. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ Become a world class developer at Learn Code



Here’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in software development!

Local startup Learn Code is hosting a free get-paid as you train program for software developers.

Become a world class developer, work with reputable companies in Abuja and Lagos.

In order to participate, you must apply at LearnCodeLab

This opportunity ends soon so don’t miss out!

15. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ Huawei Y3 Now Available on Konga!


After the Launch of the Huawei Y3 Smartphone last week, it is now available on Konga for just N12,900. The price does not come close to the amazing features of this phone. With just N12,900, the Y3 packs all the functions you need from an Android into this device. The Huawei Y3 has a clean and sleek outlook and a structure that fits the hands perfectly without any discomfort while handling.

It has an IPS display of 4 inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Its 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera are perfect for capturing interesting and fun moments with family and friends. Its front camera is enhanced with the beauty shot feature that allows you take flawless selfies every time. With the Y3, a power source to charge your device is the least of your problems as it comes with a high-capacity 1730 mAh battery and super power-saving mode for ultra-long endurance.

For its price, we must say the huawei Y3 is very fast which gives you the power to multitask, be more efficient and productive. It comes with the Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS on a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor. It also comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. Some of the other features are the 3G Network Support, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB v2.0, GPS, FM Radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA, Accelerometer, HTML browser and SNS integration.

Giving you the option of choosing from a range of colours, the Y3 comes in white, black, blue or red. The Huawei Y3 is available on Konga.com with free shipping. Whatever your android need, the Huawei Y3 has you covered and with just N12,900. You also get 1GB worth of Etisalat data for just N1000. Buy now!

12. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ Ampion 2015: Join The Venture Bus!

Ampion 2015

Ampion 2015 brings together change makers and tech experts on a 7-day road trip across the continent to turn business ideas into real projects.

Talented African and International entrepreneurs, designers and coders can apply to the Venture Bus programme to create startups for the emerging markets

The goal of Ampion 2015 is to empower highly talented young Africans to develop innovative solutions and make a tangible impact in their communities together with other entrepreneurs from all over the world.


In 2015, for its third edition, The Ampion Venture Bus Africa will take over 200 Ampioneers on 5 buses.

50% of the Ampioneers comes from Africa, the other 50% come from the all over the world. We are specifically looking for young participants with an entrepreneurial flair who strive to fulfill their goals, whilst enhancing their skills, international contacts and business partners.

Because we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of young women, we aim to have a minimum of 50% of female Ampioneers on each bus.

In addition to their outstanding entrepreneurial skills, the participants will posses sound knowledge in IT, web design, new media and business development.

that are there to provide guidance and advice on board the bus, as they have proven success in entrepreneurship and are experienced in mentoring business people.

that are full of great ideas and have the desire and vision to turn these ideas into business ventures. You have the skills and the experience to share with Ampioneers.

that are eager to support and invest in young and ambitious entrepreneurs. If you are passionate about facilitating new innovative ideas, you will need to be able to invest US$ 10k minimum.

West African Venture Bus?

Date: 17.Sept. – 23.Sept. 2015

Topic of the Bus: eHealth, FinTech and Governance (not exclusive, other topics possible)

The region: West Africa is home to Africa’s biggest tech market: Nigeria. The Venture Bus will bring you to five buzzing countries oozing entrepreneurial spirit. Many successful tech companies have emerged from West Africa, like IrokoTV, dubbed as the ‘netflix of Africa’. Scaling your IT or mobile business in the highly populous West Africa has immense potential.

What’s happening? In the West Africa region, Ampion cooperates with partners who will encourage you to work with them on eHealth, FinTech and Governance related startups. The Venture Bus will bring you from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to Cape Coast and Accra (both Ghana), Lomé (Togo) and Contonou (Benin) and visit all major HUBs in the region such as ispace and ccHUB. Here, tailored events will get you in touch with local investors and serial entrepreneurs. The Grand Final is incorporated in the largest pitching competition on the continent: DEMOAfrica. Get ready to launch your business!

Check out their upcoming tour at: http://www.ampion.org/#!apply-2015/c2075

10. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ British Council’s Creative Hustle Competition 2015


What’s your creative hustle?


If you are aged 18 – 30 and are interested in or pursuing a career in the creative industries then this opportunity is for you. Here is your chance to find the right track to your future.

The British Council is inviting you to participate in #MyCreativeHustle competition.



Your creative hustle should be related to any of the following sectors.

  • Built/Natural Environment including -Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Planning.
  • Visual and Creative Arts – Film, Fashion, Music, Animation; Visual Arts.
  • Business & Management for the Creative Industries including marketing and advertising; media and publicity.’


  • Submit an original 30 sec video that ends with the line ……that’s my Creative Hustle.
  • The Video can cover any aspect of your work and include images, text and music.
  • The video must show you engaged in your preferred sector describing how you intend to make this hustle a profitable business.
  • Videos must be no longer than 30 seconds
  • Videos can be submitted in common digital video formats shot on digital cameras including video shot on smart phones, but must be of high resolution.
  • The British Council’s decision on the winning entry will be final.


  • Upload your video on twitter with the Hashtag #MyCreativeHustle and copy @ngbritisharts.
  • Entries open June 2nd 2015 and close at midnight on June 22nd2015.


Finalists will be invited to meet with a panel of professionals from the Nigerian Creative Industries sector and UK institution academics for a mentoring session in July.

The Winner gets a chance to travel to the UK for a trade/industry programme related to their sector.

  • (E.g an Architect gets to attend the London festival of Architecture or a Fashion Designer gets to attend London Fashion week)

Final prize will be communicated later subject to the sector of the winner.






02. June 2015 by Morgan
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★ Seedstars Abuja Pitch Competition, Win All-Expense Paid Trip

seedstars 2015
Seedstars Abuja Pitch Competition

Seedstars 2015

Enspire incubator, in conjunction with Seedstars World, will be hosting the Seedstars Abuja Semi-Finals pitching competition on Saturday, June 20, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (WAT)

3 winners will be selected to participate in the Lagos finals on July 28th. There, one winner will be selected and receive an all-expense paid ticket to represent Nigeria in the Seedstars World Finals in Geneva, Switzerland!

Along with this grand prize, throughout the competition, participants will have the opportunity to network with investors, key entrepreneurs, corporate bodies and institutions from the local ecosystem.
To participate you must meet the following criteria:

1. Maximum 2 years since founding date

2. Maximum USD 0.5m funding

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Pitch format:

1 Presenter

6 Minute Pitch

4 Minute Q & A

For more information about the Seedstars Abuja pitch competition and how to sign up visit: http://bit.ly/1edzLS0

Submission of entries ends Friday, June 12th. 

For more information about Seedstars visit: www.seedstarsworld.com


Info: Enspire Incubator

Photo Credit: Techmoran.com



27. May 2015 by Morgan
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★ Take Tomorrow: Know your future worth in 17 Clicks


Probably wont be enough in 2034

I was just about to conclude my morning internet skimming when I stumbled on Take Tomorrow.

It is very similar to the Bride Price App that broke Nigerian twitter in June. It mirrors the same concept of churning out figures based on users’ choices. However, Take Tomorrow doesn’t seem to have gotten much traction.

Take Tomorrow's Disclaimer

Smells like Anakle, Must be Anakle

The catch here is you have to provide your name and email address. After which you’d subsequently receive an email with links to a downloadable certificate (just like the Bride Price app) and an Access bank portal.

Take Tomorrow catch

Take Tomorrow is sponsored by Access Bank and it is an initiative to drive Nigerians to open accounts with them. Unfortunately, I already have three bank accounts. You should try it.

12. November 2014 by Morgan
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The Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF) is an annual art and cultural festival with high book content, bringing together everybody from all works of life. It has been earmarked as the culture picnic, filled with fun, thrills and full cultural entertainment.

The festival features theatre performances, readings, exhibitions, live music, workshops, book parties and sessions for the children which are handled by the Children and The Environment (CATE). With time, the festival has grown to be a world class cultural event and a high point in the nation’s cultural calendar. Continue Reading →

08. November 2013 by Morgan
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