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★ Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Hours ago, in downtown Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled its own entry in the game of tablets, hoping to bring to an end the reigns of current players; Apple and Google.

Microsoft’s tablet, called Surface, is a Windows 8 based tablet with integrated stand and keyboard running on both ARM and Intel systems. the kick-stand(integrated) which I personally think is a super cool initiative, allows you to watch movies, surf the net and any other stuff just like you do with your laptop.  are we facing a potential death of Pcs, laptops? yes? no?

Lordy lord :D

Surface also comes with two covers. The Type Cover and The Touch Cover. the 3mm thick Touch Cover folds down and functions as a full touch screen keyboard while the 5mm thick Type Cover has built-in keys that power down when they are folded against the tablet thanks to a built-in accelerometer. cool yeah?

If this isn't cool. what is!!?

The 10.6 inch tablet also has two cameras, front-facing and rear-facing. The front-facing camera is reportedly able to record the person in front of it even when the tablet is standing on the stand tilted!! it has a storage capacity of 32 or 64gb and microSD slot and runs two operating systems, Windows RT(Surface) and Windows8(Surface pro)

At the moment, pricing detail has not been released . Microsoft has decided to keep the price under wraps till Surface is officially available, which is likely to coincide with the full launch of its Windows 8 operating system due in a couple of months.

You might just want to chill before you shell out dough for the Ipad3 or the Samsung galaxy tab, this right here…has come to stay.

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