Take Tomorrow: Know your future worth in 17 Clicks


Probably wont be enough in 2034

I was just about to conclude my morning internet skimming when I stumbled on Take Tomorrow.

It is very similar to the Bride Price App that broke Nigerian twitter in June. It mirrors the same concept of churning out figures based on users’ choices. However, Take Tomorrow doesn’t seem to have gotten much traction.

Take Tomorrow's Disclaimer

Smells like Anakle, Must be Anakle

The catch here is you have to provide your name and email address. After which you’d subsequently receive an email with links to a downloadable certificate (just like the Bride Price app) and an Access bank portal.

Take Tomorrow catch

Take Tomorrow is sponsored by Access Bank and it is an initiative to drive Nigerians to open accounts with them. Unfortunately, I already have three bank accounts. You should try it.

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12. November 2014 by Morgan Bunmi
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