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Reactions on iPhone 5s, 5c Launch

The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c launched yesterday. I was going to just come here and write about the launch but I don’t see the point . Every blog, website, newspaper has probably written about that. If you don’t … Continue reading

11. September 2013 by Morgan Bunmi
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One Puck: Emergency Phone Charger That Uses Your Drink!

Hey good people, found this during my Internet raids. This device called the Epiphany One Puck, will charge your phone using the warmth or coldness of your drink. It not only holds your drink but charges it too! Cool yeah? … Continue reading

19. February 2013 by Morgan Bunmi
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Meet the iPhone 5

Hey folks, still buzzing from Apple’s event yesterday? Rather than bore you with specifications in black and white, I found a video with all you need to know about the new iPhone5, or maybe I’m just too lazy to type. … Continue reading

13. September 2012 by Morgan Bunmi
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