Love or Pain?

Love or Pain

They say love is the greatest. Is it?

has no one considered the pain of losing love

the endless continuum, timeless in behaviour

the blank feeling that bathes you as you stare at the ceiling

when your vocabulary fails you as you try to explain your loss

the source of the teary eyes behind the dark raybans

the reason behind the mask of happiness.

When in their ignorance, they tell you to forget

their kind words, horrible imitations of nollywood flicks

like there is a recycle bin filled with your grief

can an amputee forget his severed arm?

pure, undiluted pain leaving your body numb

a body trembling at its own will, spirit broken

nothing else matters, nobody comes close too

if love is the greatest,  is pain its twin

because sometimes…love is pain.


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22. August 2012 by Morgan Bunmi
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