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Its already stale gist that Apple launched the MacBook Pro with retina display yesterday at its WWDC(worldwide developers conference ) event in San francisco and It has already shot itself up to the top of my wish list followed closely by the LR3. Keep reading for the specifications
My first laptop crush was the HP TC4200. It just seemed like the perfect laptop back when I was a fresher. Everyone wanted it…well…everyone who knew about it ..until my encounter with a mac in my second semester.
This course mate of mine had innocently given his macbook to my ‘girlfriend’ and told her to help him shutdown. That’s where the trouble started yo! homegirl was just left staring at the screen. where the hell was the shutdown icon or prompt or something!!??..babe was just fretting beside me. after staring at the screen for a long time she finally brought it to me, guru pitkah, to help out. me I used all my possible tricks unsuccessfully then i pulled out the ultimate boss move, I slammed the lid of the macbook shut! #shikena. I cannot be bothered by a non -living thing but that encounter sowed the seeds of my love affair with le macbook. You cannot imagine my sincere joy when I saw the latest addition to the macbook fam..oh lordy lord!!! *whistling wande coal’s forever*
It is the lightest Pro ever currently running Apple’s Lion operating system although it can be upgraded for free to Apple’s Mountain Lion os due for next month. The macbook pro uses flash memory for storage -256 GB OR 512 GB, with an option to upgrade to 768 GB instead of the traditional spinning harddrive. It also lacks an Ethernet port for internet connections. To go online you have to use Wi-Fi or buy an Ethernet adapter that goes into the laptop’s “ thunderbolt ” port. The macbook pro can be yours with as little as $2,199 or $2,799 depending on the configuring. okay i gotta go folks, let me go and start saving my money. Stay scheming.
full specifications :

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13. June 2012 by Morgan Bunmi
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